Finally A Real Solution For Alopecia

Alopecia is an unpredictable, frequently aggressive and cruel hair loss condition. Often challenging to live with, alopecia can strike at any time, and the symptoms often change and become more or less visible. The uncertain nature of how people experience alopecia is perhaps the most difficult thing to come to terms with.

Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation can help in most cases.

Despite many advances in modern medicine and our scientific understanding of the hair and skin, as yet there is still no cure for alopecia, only a range of largely ineffective treatment options including minoxidil, corticosteroid injections and immunotherapy. Scalp micropigmentation does not cure alopecia, but it does provide an extremely effective cover-up, bypassing the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional treatment options. 

Areata, Totalis, Traction...

SMP Can Help Most Forms Of Alopecia

The way scalp micropigmentation is applied varies depending on your individual circumstances, however the fundamental technique remains the same. This is because SMP is suitable for all forms of alopecia, unless there is a specific medical reason why scalp micropigmentation should not be applied.

The nature of alopecia means that your treatment plan is highly individual to you. For this reason, exactly what you can expect really depends on your symptoms and how they are likely to change over time. Certainly you can expect a drastic reduction in the visibility of your hair loss, however please contact us so we can provide specific advice about whether or not you can keep your hair longer, how many sessions you are likely to need, and what results you can expect following your SMP treatment.

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